I’ve changed EVERYTHING! Well… almost everything.

New phone! New number! New email! New tumblr! New facebook!

Soon to be:

New Website! New flickr! New DeviantArt! New Flavors.me!

I decided to start over new & grow into my own name, because I am who I am!

With that please follow me here!

My Girl Loco
Happy Krishna Dragon
"My heart searches for freedom through you."

To cuddle up in bed.

This weekend was exhausting! But fun… and scary!

Fox and Lion
Blushing Owl

It’s truly been a while since I stopped drawing on a regular basis, which for an “artist” is never a good feeling.

I decided to take a break from my dreamy-realistic style and try something different. I’ve always been inspired by 60’s and 70’s illustrations and children’s books. I think that it’s time for a change, a good switch up to keep me moving.